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For niche publisher and niche advertiser, the question is always the same… WDGDFY?

It was all jolly japes on Mr Jarvis’ blog the other day – he was busily convincing himself that Google analytics had developed a whole new set of analysis tools. In particular, detecting potential mood swings…

I include the comments because one or two others have found ads popping up on their blogs that bore little or no resemblance to the subject matter in hand.

All of which left Mr Jarvis bemused by the appearance of first anger-related ads and then one giving his readers the chance to meet Jewish singles.

His pal had something similar going on – only this time it was a gay singles, not Jewish.

For those with a nice university salary to fall back on, and a regular Guardian column up your sleeve, I guess you can afford to bemused by the appearance of such non-related advertising on your site.

Unless our Jeff has a higher-than-average readership of Jewish singles looking for love, that Google-served up ad is unlikely to serve him much by way of a click-through return.

And, likewise, for the person who runs that Jewish singles ad when they bunged their ad dollars Google’s way, I’d be surprised if they thought readers of a new media blog was their ideal target audience… Yeh, put us next to that Jarvis guy, loads of desperate singles looking for love…

We have, of course, been round this block once before as CUNY’s finest revealed some of his Google numbers…

But there ought to be a serious point to be made on all of the above; a suggestion that all too often doesn’t dare to raise its head.

But is Jarvis likely to be earning any money out of running ads for Jewish singles?

And is Mr Jewish Singles likely to be earning any money-stroke-traffic from running ads on Jeff Jarvis’ blog?

So, where’s the benefit for either niche publisher or niche advertiser? What, exactly, is in it for them?

And if the answer is not a lot, then why not try something different?

If it ain’t bust, then don’t try and fix it. But by the same token, if something is bust, then why not try and fix it?


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