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Always interesting the different perspectives we all bring to bear. From atop of the water lily, it might look agile; from the bottom of the pond, it just looks rather more than hopeful.

Interesting to read the Buzzmachine/Guardian take on the Huffington Post’s one-editor strong invasion of Chicago…

It’s a move that we’ve already walked once round the block.

And I’m sure we’ll go round the block again with it. But, even now, I’m not sure that if I was given one word to describe it I would plump for ‘agile’.

But then the eminent Ms Bell comes at it from sat atop a water-lily. Me? I’ve long been pond-life and proud.

So, in fairness, perhaps from her perspective it is agile. It’s a nimble little move that an organisation of GMG’s ilk would love to pull off in something akin to an instant.

But from where I sit at my kitchen table, sending in one editor to ‘do’ Chicago doesn’t appear overly ‘agile’. It just looks incredibly ‘hopeful’.

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